Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Big Stitch Swap Extra :: A Needle Book

Although I have not finished the Open Wide pouch I am making for my swap partner, my brain kept wandering to design the swap extra.  It was getting a bit ridiculous so I decided to sit down, make the extra, and then return to the zippy pouch when my brain was satisfied.  Whew.  So glad I did.

Approximately 1 million years ago (or 2011 to be precise), I made a needle book that I use to this day.  It travels everywhere with me and sits next to me on the couch when I hand sew.  Seeing as this is a swap where hand sewing needs to be a main design element in the finished swap item, it seemed appropriate to have a needle book extra.  

Needle Book Front

I was only too happy to dive into my bag of selvages that are too small to use in my selvage blocks.  There are some real gems in there!  I used a piece of Kona Snow (?) as the foundation, then strip pieced the selvages on at a jaunty angle.  Can you see there's even a mini (really mini) piece of Ruby in the upper corner of the back?  I have been saving that little nub. 

Needle Book Back
Inside there are little sewing machines on the front and back cover.  Now that may be a bit controversial given it's a hand sewing swap, but it's one of my favorite prints and I wanted to share it with my partner.

The "pages" are a bright yellow felt with pinked edges.  Yellow makes me happy and I like when it pops up and surprises me.  I hope my partner feels the same.

I really enjoyed making this for you, partner.  I hope you use it as much as I do mine!  


  1. I think it is a beauty ! Pity I'm not in that swap ; )

  2. very nice. I know its not me, I'm not in the swap, but it is a very covetable needle book

  3. This is gorgeous, someone is going to be very lucky. x

  4. That's so sweet! Great idea for using short selvedges

  5. I bet your partner will be thrilled with this!