Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello! Hello Out There!

Hi there!  It's been weeks and weeks since I last blogged.  I am so happy to re-join our lovely online community.  How are you all?

I took a blogging/IG/sewing break over Christmas mostly because it is just not practical to keep things up and moving while I travel to/from the US for the holiday.  Anyway, I am back in Ireland and ready to dive right back in to blogging/IG.

While I was in the US, I picked up a WHOLE LOT of fabric orders I had posted to Pennsylvania.  These goodies were picked up from American shops in sales from Aug through Dec.  Needless to say I had a great time digging through these parcels after my flight landed.  Yum yum yum!

Wait!  Re-focus.  I have been thinking a good bit about how/what I sew, about blogging and about the shop.  I have come to a few conclusions I would like to share with you.  (Interspersed with photos of my new fabric/notion goodies!)

Two layer cakes and one charm pack.  They were at insane sale prices, so I couldn't resist.
The plan is to make two single-bed sized quilts for B and I to use when camping in front of the camp fire.
Get it? The camping themed S'more Love line and Road 15 prints seemed perfect.

It's time. I should start making basic clothes like PJ bottoms and skirts.
Why not start with this?  I can do this, right?  I already have questions before I even opened the package!!
Also on insane sale at Joann's (-75% or something nuts).

1. Blogging - Blogging seems to get pushed to the bottom of my to-do list each day.  I do not want it to be that way.  I love chatting with you guys; love the laughs and inspiration I gain from each of you.  Instead of ignoring my blog, what I would like is:

A) reading your blogs over my lunch break each day for a bit of mid-day quilty inspiration.  I am usually pretty bad at reading weekend posts and I think it is going to stay that way.  Too much real-life living to do over my weekend :)

B) aim for posting 3 times a week.  I tend to get overwhelmed thinking of 5 posts per week, then spend all of my free time writing posts and not sewing or (worse) not writing at all!  Or I get focused on showing you only finishes instead of where I am each day/week.  Instead, I will most likely sew week evenings/weekends and write three posts on Sunday to go live through the week to tell you about all of the creative action here at FSQ headquarters.

Three Blueberry Park FQs from my LQS in Pennsylvania.
I'm so lucky to have such an awesome LQS when traveling.
I know so many of you love this line, but I just don't get it.
I thought if I made something I'd see what you see?  Maybe?

Also from the LQS.  Who could resist Echino at American prices?  I couldn't, clearly.

2. Shop - I would like for the shop to become a bit more interactive with each of you.  For that reason, I will be offering monthly blogger bundles (have the first three brave volunteers lined up already!) with each blogger putting their own spin on the fabric choices, associated tutes and giveaways. I think it will be great fun.  I will also start organizing monthly activities/contests to spruce things up around here.  Keep your eye out for a way to play along in the near future.

Hello Tokyo.  I. Love. This. Line.  The whole thing.
This is destined to become a new lunch bag going to/from work.
3. Sewing - I am at a loss here.  I would like to:
A) create more from my stash (without going on a fabric diet!) and for that reason will link up with Sarah each month. I love my stash - why wouldn't I use it more?

B) be more creative and THINK more about what I am making.  The planning/thinking/math of a project is nearly as great for me as sewing it - I love letting my mind tumble over these problems when I'm falling asleep or driving.  I miss that when I have a set pattern that I'm following.  For that reason I have a project in mind starting next week that will be a new adventure for me.  More on that later...

C) create more by hand.  I am not a great hand piecer, but would like to gain more confidence hand quilting or in needlework like embroidery/cross stitch.  That way I get to create on my couch and still interact with my family WHILE indulging those creative juices.

Denyse Schmidt from Joann's.  It was on sale and I couldn't stop myself.
Oranges, reds and yellows...

....and more from the same line.
I'll have to do some epic-scale quilt to incorporate all of these prints/colors.

Those are my mental rumblings.  2013 was not my most creative or fruitful year.  I will do my best to grow in 2014 and to really push my skills/ability/productivity.  Here's to fresh starts!


Judith, Belfast said...

Gorgeous fabric choices as always C! Happy new year to you! Here's hoping there will be lots more ups than downs. Jxo

Canadian Abroad said...

2013 was a freaking difficult year for you. Glad you've come back from the holidays reinvigorated and happy to have you back.

Rhonda the Rambler said...

I pray 2014 is a much better year for you in general! You are a gorgeous person and deserve only the best....I have no doubt you will achieve what you set your mind to. Can't wait to see what you produce in 2014. It seems we both kicked some blogging butt this week.

charlotte said...

The best thing about a new year is that it is always a chance to start anew and make life better. Great goals and lovely fabrics.

kathy said...

Make sure to give yourself permission to not do some of these things once in awhile. Your list above looks like it could take over your life. Be kind to yourself.
I'm happy to hear the decided sense of purpose! Happy creating.

pennydog said...

Good luck, I love the designing part more than the sewing I think! As for handpiecing, I would like to sew whilst doing other things and not sitting alone in the garage, but the speed of the machine wins for me every time.

DeborahGun said...

Yay for great plans :-) Hope that they all work out for you.

sew.darn.quilt said...

New year = New Beginnings! ;D

Leanne said...

I love reading about your progress and whatever else you feel like sharing. My goal is to get two blog posts done a week, any extra are like a bonus and it makes less pressure for me. I am looking forward to the blogger bundles and I am glad you are into a new year which certainly will be better than the last one.

LittleHouseontheDairy said...

If you are nervous about starting to sew clothes, I definitely recommend checking out some of the digital pattern designers. The paper patterns are not nearly as clear. With PDF patterns you get step by step instructions with pictures. They are much easier for the beginner! (Although they are more expensive). I started with a lot of scientific seamstress patterns. Her easy fit pants are a great first step. Now for kids peek a boo patterns are my favorite.
Good luck with the new challenges!

needle and nest said...

What wonderful goals! I do love how each new years gives us the opportunity to start fresh. I hope you have a lovely 2014! I can't wait to read more from you. :)

Anonymous said...

I bought the exact same pajama pattern at Jo-Ann's a few months ago with the intent to sew my first piece of clothing. I am happy to say I actually finished an off-kilter pair of flannel pajama bottoms that my daughter seems to really like (yeah for Jo-Ann's $1.50/yard sales - no stress if you mess up). I do agree with the commenter above -- the directions on the paper pattern were almost useless and made me really appreciate all the wonderful blogland step-by-step tutorials out there!

salamanda said...

I enjoyed reading your plans. My blog was largely neglected in 2013 as life and work and stuff got in the way. I also had to abandon sewing and crafting as I had no time. I got my machine back out to make a few presents and now I need a plan. I like your idea of scheduling posts and will see what I can do. Love your shop but had no money to spare but hopefully this year I can buy some rather than just look. I think pjs could be a good starting point too.

Di said...

It is good to reflect and refocus with new plans. Nice to see you back blogging. Di x

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Cindy! I wish you all the best for this year! Your plans are great and I love all the NEW Fabrics! I think 3 posts/week is very good - I hope to manage two. Lots of exciting things are in the Air - I'm happy to begin the NEW year with you! Hugs! x Teje

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with your 2014 goals, hope you have a fabulous year :o)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Soooooooooooo jealous of all that DS!
Glad you had a good break, and I'll be keeping my beady eye on you, making sure you come up with the goods xxx

Tomomi McElwee said...

Looking forward to that all!

Kirsten said...

Your plans for the year sound great - I am hoping to get into some simple clothes sewing this year too:)

Catrin Lewis said...

Lucky you with all that DS!

I hope that 2014 turns out to be a better year for you. Good luck with your blogging goals. I know exactly where you're coming from with only managing to blog about the big finishes and wishing I'd blogged more about the process whilst I make making the blooming thing!

Looking forward to the blogger bundles and of course, no one can resist a nice giveaway!

Indianna said...

Best wishes for all your plans in 2014. I'm planning on more hand piecing this year too.

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Here's to a fabulous year for you xxx

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