Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Closing Fluffy Sheep Quilting {The Shop}

The short story: 

  • Fluffy Sheep Quilting {The Shop} is closing.  
  • There will be a blow out sale of everything starting today (Friday 16 June) through Sunday (18 June).  Once the sale ends on Sunday, the shop will no longer be accessible.
  • All fabrics are on sale for €10.75/yard (except Konas).  
  • Spools of Aurifil are going for €6 each or €25 for a cone.  
  • Precuts too: charm packs €10 each and layer cakes €30 each.  

The long story:

I thank you all for being such a wonderfully energetic, supportive, creative, inspiring, positive circle of friends.  It was with your support that I started Fluffy Sheep Quilting {The Shop} five years ago. Since its opening, the shop has been an adventure filled with color and excitement.  I have learned a long list of new skills, met wonderful friends, traveled through Ireland and the UK to sell cotton pretties and have humbly been a part of many of your beautiful projects.

I am incredibly thankful to my family for their support, encouragement and understanding through this adventure.   My parents (from the other side of the ocean) were continually positive, always asked for shop news and cheered with me when I found success.  Brian, my other half, has cooked for me while I wrote a business plan and took classes, listened to my financial gripes, celebrated my achievements and has always understood when I needed to pack orders instead of watching a movie after dinner.  Without these three people in my life, I would not have followed this path, grown in entrepreneurial spirit and learned an entirely new set of skills that I am now using in my day job.  I am so grateful to have launched, owned and managed a shop.

Life has changed in the past five years.  New opportunities have arrived and I need to grab a hold and make the most of them.  To make room for that growth, I need to let the shop go.  I hope that you will join with me to celebrate its existence with the thing that makes us all happy - a good sale in a colorful fabric shop.

I invite you all to join me at Fluffy Sheep Quilting for a massive sale.  This sale will be on for three days, after which the shop will no longer be accessible.  The details of the sale are below, but what you need to know is the the prices marked are the final prices (no discount code!).  All prints - including new arrivals - are only €10.75 a yard and all other items are hugely reduced.  Don't miss out!

The nitty gritty details:

Product listings: You will notice for most fabrics there are two listings.  One is marked "FQ", the other "HY".  The listings marked "FQ"  are for fat quarters.  It is my hope to never cut another fat quarter again, so those that are cut are what is available.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  Listings marked as HY are for half yards.  A quantity of 1 will give you 18x44 inches.  A quantity of 2 will give you 36x44 inches.  They will arrive in one continuous piece.

All of the fabric descriptions are accurate.  Please read them carefully for important information before purchasing.

Skinny bolts: Any print with less than 3 yards on the bolt is listed as a skinny bolt.  The length of the piece is listed in the product description.  They are sold in one continuous piece.  There is only one of each available, so scoop it up quickly if you like it.

Returns & refunds: As the shop is closing, all sales are final.  There are no returns or refunds.

Shipping:  Shipping rates have been changed to include registered post on all orders over 500g (2.5-3 yards) as there will not be a refund for lost orders.  If you would like standard shipping, please leave a note on your order and I will refund you the difference.   You will assume all risk for any potentially lost parcels.

I will pack purchases in the order they are placed.  I will ship as quickly as possible, but please understand that there will be a larger volume than usual and there may be a slight delay.

Discount code: There is no discount code.  The prices listed in the shop are the final prices.


Dianne Neale said...

Excited to hear that you have new and exciting things going on in the future. And seeing as you insist, I will sacrfice my Friday afternoon to do a little !!!

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

For myself very sorry to hear your online shop is closing , thank you for all your help and encouragement in getting back into sewing ! For you , best wishes for the future and all that it holds for you said...

I'm excited to hear of your new plans and adventures.
It sure was fun meeting you in Galway last year. Wishing you well and many blessings.

memmens said...

I'm sure this has been a huge decision for you but it sounds like the right one and exciting times are ahead, wishing you the very best lovely lady.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Blogger just ate my long and heartfelt comment - so bugger doing all that again, I know you are doing the right thing as I would expect nothing less than a thoroughly thought through plan!

Good luck in all you do my lovely friend xxxx

Ruth said...

Glad I stocked up at the last IPS meeting - thanks so much for supplying me with fabric, comments and encouragement and discount codes over the last 5 years! All the best with your future plans!

Unknown said...

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